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My then-boyfriend (now husband!) took me as his plus-one to a destination wedding in Mexico. It was my first time ever out of the country. I was nervous to say the least—and nervous, too, because outside of my handsome date, I wouldn’t know a single soul. 

Plus, it was hard to get excited about attending a wedding. Awkward chit chat with strangers? Hokey moves on the dance floor? A boring “chicken or fish” dinner? Not exactly my idea of a good time. 

Boy was I wrong—about everything. After taking one lap around the sprawling resort, my nervousness evaporated; I felt totally at ease, safe, and downright pampered. And then the wedding festivities begun—way before the official ceremony. 
We started with a delicious welcome dinner where we got to meet all the fellow guests. The next morning, a big group of us gravitated to the swim up bar for margaritas before the wedding. And the fun didn’t end after the wedding, either—we all went off-resort to go swimming in the clearest cenotes I’d ever seen. 

Long story short? This was nothing like a stuffy traditional wedding, with all the fuss over flowers or getting a ribbon tied *just* right. In fact, my then-boyfriend was a groomsman, but he forgot his tux (it’s a long story …). The couple just rolled with it—because who can be bothered by a mis-matched groomsman when you’re having the time of your life in a sun-drenched paradise, with all your favorite people by your side?

All-inclusives make for the ideal vacation if you’re after carefree, bond-building fun, whether you’re planning a destination wedding, BFF trip, or family getaway. It’s easy to gather together, and just as easy to peel off if you need a siesta. You don’t have to worry about calling an Uber after a night out. You don’t have to stress about whether some people in your group will think dinner is too pricey (it’s all included!). 

And, with my help, you don’t have to lift a single finger to plan it all. While you may have an inkling that a resort escape is right for you, I’m here to make sure you’re hooked up with the perfect option for your group’s needs, size, budget, and vibe. Since 2016, I’ve been helping travelers seeking a laidback-yet-luxe escape find their all-inclusive match. I want your stress to melt away not when you step onto your resort—but the very moment you reach out to me. 

I learned quickly: all-inclusive resorts are the 
best options for groups looking for a good time. 

Hydration Packets & Vitamins to fight the hangovers 

Tumblers to keep my beverages cold at the swim up bar

Reef-safe sunscreen

A portable floating hammock for the pool

Can’t travel without …

When I’m not working, I’m …

Probably on a flight to Mexico or the Caribbean (I go 6-8 times a year). I don’t just sell these destinations—I love them too!

Was a hairdresser—I helped dozens of brides with their ‘do’s on their big day, and I even managed all the “morning of” activities like bringing in extra stylists and making sure the wedding party was ready to go!

Before Vacations by Melissa, I …

Managing guests/group members. I’m going to make sure everyone in your travel party has an AMAZING time!

My travel planning superpower is…

Mark Twain

“I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

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Spicy margaritas sipped on property (what can I say, it’s my go-to!)


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